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Before the 19th Century, there was little difference between the treatment of the mental diseases and torture in the minds of the people. People treated those that were a little different from the so-called “norms” of the society as contagious and something that needs to be fixed through horrible methods, like cutting pieces of their brains out or electrocution. These institutions were jail houses. These places of sickness, abuse and horror are full of stories about patients suffering not only mental abuse but physical abuse as well at the hands of their very own caregivers in the name of treating them.

These institutions used to reek of horror even while they were in use, but now that they have been abandoned and are not in use anymore, they have become even more terrifying and in some cases, “haunted” as most people believe.

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Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Jefferson County, KY

Waverly hills were built in 1910 for those suffering from tuberculosis. The doctors found “interesting” ways to cure the patients there. These treatments always ended with the patients dying or losing their “humanity”. They used to insert balloons into the lungs of the patients or entirely remove their ribs in hopes that their lungs would expand into the new empty space.

Danvers State Hospital, Danvers, Massachusetts

This lunatic hospital is full of so much horror that it has served as inspiration for many authors and movie makers. The intentions of its founders were good, but soon the hospital was overcrowded and most patients ended up dying in places that were out of sight, where they rotted and rotted until they were finally accidentally discovered by one person or other. Soon Danvers lunatic asylum was turned into the same kind of institution as its other counterparts. Straight jackets, electrocution, lobotomy became common. An ice pick to the eye was the common solution to things like daydreaming.

Ranchos Los Amigos Hospital, Downey, California

Founded in 1888, the hospital was famous for treating polio. In 2006 some marines discovered amputated limbs and frozen tissue samples that had been mummified.

Pennhurst Asylum, Spring City, PA

Built in 1908, this one has a very nasty reputation. They care providers there were cruel and inhumane in their treatments of their patients. Once abandoned this institution supposedly became the house of paranormal activities. Levitation, shadowy apparitions and other unexplainable stories keep popping up one after the other.

Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane, Ovid, New York

Willard Asylum was one of the good ones. At least no horrifying tales of cruel treatments taking place in this institution has reached the surface. But the suitcases left behind by the patients have given rise to various stories.

Metropolitan State Hospital, Waltham, Massachusetts

Opened in 1930, this hospital has lots of strange and sad stories in its history. Not only did it once “accidentally: poison its ward full of children, it also housed an insane killer. Melvin Wilson not only dismembered one of his fellow patients but also kept her teeth as souvenirs.

And the story goes on…

And many more of these institutions lie abandoned all over the world, with their horrors and mysteries still not completely unraveled neither forgotten. If you are looking to find abandoned places in your area, then visit our homepage.